RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 2, Number 5, March 17, 1997

A Story Starter:

     Daryl really enjoyed going to school. However, he wished it would
start a few hours later each day. He really liked to sleep as late as
possible. He set his alarm for 7:30, which barely gave him enough time
to get ready for the bus.
     Daryl’s sisters and parents were careful to avoid waking him up a
minute earlier. When that happened, he was most unpleasant. Besides,
the family agreed that Daryl was most pleasant when he was sleeping.
     One morning, after it had snowed all night, the radio and television
stations announced that school would be delayed by two hours. The
telephone woke Daryl at 6:00 a.m.! It was Roderick calling to inform him
that he could sleep for two extra hours. Daryl was so angry about being
awakened, he couldn’t go back to sleep at all.
     “Roderick is a good friend, and I don’t want to offend him,” he told
his sister, Katey, “but how do I tell him not to ever wake me again? He
actually thinks he did me a favor! He’s sensitive and it’s easy to hurt his
     Katey was willing to help. “I’m impressed by how well you controlled
your temper when you talked to Roderick on the phone. Just say, ‘Don’t
wake me up to tell me I can keep sleeping, you idiot!’”
     “Oh, I’m sure that won’t offend him,” their sister Nikole commented.

Write an ending to this story that will solve Daryl’s problem. Think about
the kind of person each character is, and make their words and actions

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