RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 2, Number 4, March 10, 1997

Amanda's Dream Role

     Amanda looked out over the stage and smiled. She saw the __1__
of her new television show. It was a situation comedy about a beautiful
teenager named, you guessed it, __2__.
     It was her beauty, brains, and sense of humor that had landed her
the __3__ role. Thousands of girls had auditioned for the part, but
Amanda had shined above them all. The show’s producers had decided
that she was the most __4__.
     This was certainly a __5__ come true. Amanda would be __6__ and
become very rich. Even as she waited to go on stage, she was thinking
of all the things she would do with her __7__. She wouldn’t let it go to
her head. She’d be sure to give millions to her favorite charities.
     She heard a loud buzzer sounding. This was the __8__ that the
show was about to begin. The noise became louder and quite
unpleasant. The stage faded from view and was replaced by Amanda’s
bedroom. It really was a dream, a dream that would have to wait for
another day to come true.

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