RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 2, Number 2, February 26, 1997

     Noodle Dog was used to being the baby of the family. His owners
had no other __1__, and they had no children. His owners, Mr. and Mrs.
Crustworm, treated Noodle Dog as if he were their __2__.
     So Noodle Dog was not __3__ when Mr. Crustworm brought a new
kitten home one day. What was this creature anyway? Why was
someone else sharing the __4__ and attention that Noodle Dog had
once had all to __5__?
     But as the __6__ and weeks went by, Noodle Dog and his feline
sister, Scratcher, became __7__ friends. Noodle Dog grew to love the
little cat, and the feeling was mutual. As it turned out, Noodle Dog felt
__8__ loved than ever.

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