RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 2, Number 17, June 18, 1997

Believe me, good friends, I can just walk away
And only look back, with no tears to be shed.
I’ll still hold fond memories and treasure those days
But mostly look forward to new worlds ahead.

The pros I have worked with, there’s so much you’ve shared.
The children I’ve taught, you have taught me as well.
Our boss and our leader, you’ve led and you’ve cared.
What more could one ask for? What more need I tell?

So this is no ending -- not farewell to you,
This school’s part of me, and it does mean so much.
Friends always are friends, though their roles may be new;
We always move on but we’ll still stay in touch.

1.  What profession, or job, does the author have?

2.  Do you think he enjoys his work?

3.  What change is the author about to make?

4.  How does he feel about his decision?

Copyright 1997 RHL