RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 2, Number 16, June 9, 1997

The emblem of our nation is always flying high,
Higher than the poles where it proudly rests
Enduring every one of History’s tough tests.

A nation forged of immigrants melting into one,
Made for all the human race, though all the work’s not done.
Each free to be different, none required to be,
Resulting in one culture, but not conformity.
It stands for peace and justice, it stands for liberty,
Certainly a beacon for all the world to see.
And many times its soldiers have sailed across the sea,
Neighbors joining forces, fighting to stay free.

For that we pledge allegiance to each precious stripe and star,
Loving that proud symbol that reminds us who we are.
Always vowing that we’ll help to make its promise true.
Giving it deserved respect by what we say and do.

 1.  The poem is written for an American holiday that is about to be
celebrated. What is that holiday?

2.  The title of the poem must be read vertically. What is the title?

3.  What does the line “though all the work’s not done” mean?

4.  Discuss any part of the poem you choose, telling what you think it
means, and whether you agree with it. Give your reasons.

Copyright 1997 RHL