RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 2, Number 13, May 19, 1997

Lake George RV Park

     One of our favorite places to camp is Lake George RV Park. OK,
some people might not consider it camping in the “roughing it” sense.
But it’s a great place to spend a few days or weeks if you want a
carefree, fun vacation.
     There are many activities offered for young and old. There are
 tennis and basketball courts, three swimming pools, a baseball
diamond, paddle boats, video games, free bingo for prizes, and more
things than I can even remember!
     There’s entertainment for the whole family, including live
entertainment at a beautiful playhouse and movies in two theaters.
     The sites are large and feature full hookups including cable TV. Of
course it would be roughing it without cable TV!
     The park provides a free shuttle service to Lake George and the
nearby factory outlets. The vehicles are partially opened buses that
look like trolleys.
     The bottom line is, if you want a nice blend of camping and resort
vacationing, you’ll find it at Lake George RV Park.

What questions could you ask the author that would provide useful
information that wasn’t given in the article?

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