RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 2, Number 12, May 12, 1997

Story Starter: (With a Little Alliteration)

     Tremor Troll traveled tearfully through the traffic on his trusty tricycle.
Should he share his scary secret with seven silly sisters? Maybe he
might merely mention  it to Mother. Did he dare divulge details to Dad?
     Still striving to successfully steer, he sailed swiftly southward.
Hurtfully hitting holes, he held his handlebars handily. Suddenly he saw
the street he sought.
     Happily he was home. Would he decide to discuss his dilemma?
Could he continue keeping it concealed?
     Trembling, Tremor trotted to the top of the stairs. Stoically, he stood
staring and started to stammer his statement.

Make up six questions about the story starter.

1. Why ______________________________________?

2.  How _____________________________________?

3.  Where ____________________________________?

4.  Who _____________________________________?

5.  When ____________________________________?

6.  What _____________________________________?

Can you finish this story?

Copyright 1997 RHL