RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 9, November 4, 1996

        Once upon a time in a land now lost in time, there lived a
beautiful young princess named Princess Megan. She lived in a __1__
palace where her every __2__ was met. She had ice cream with every
meal. She had clothes made of pure gold. She even had her __3__
phone in her bedroom!
        The palace was indeed a wonderful place to live. It was
__4__. It was exciting. It was safe. Did I say safe? Well not entirely.
        You see, just outside the palace there was a magnificent
__5__. In that garden grew the most spectacular __6__ and the most
__7__ fruits and vegetables. However, in that garden there __8__ grew
the Terrible Onion. No one __9__ the Terrible Onion. But it was said
that the Terrible Onion would pop out of the ground and eat people
when the __10__ struck him.

1.     a. cold            b. grand          c. stone          d. small
2.     a. friend          b. pet            c. wish           d. enemy
3.     a. toy             b. own            c. plastic        d. old
4.     a. luxurious       b. drafty         c. ancient        d. wooden
5.     a. garden          b. tree           c. pool           d. lawn
6.     a. fireworks       b. sounds         c. flowers        d. stones
7.     a. rotten          b. pretty         c. delicious      d. costly
8.     a. also            b. never          c. often          d. did
9.     a. eats            b. called         c. felt           d. ate
10.    a. stick           b. car            c. lightning      d. mood


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