RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 8, October 28, 1996

        What are you going to be for Halloween? I’m going to be a
gorilla. My __1__ made the __2__ for me. It took her a week to make it.
She’s a good parent to do all that work.
        My sister is kind of weird, even in real life. That’s why I told
her to just be __3__ when we go trick or treating. She wouldn’t __4__,
of course, but she came up with something even __5__ than she is.
She’s going to be a can of chocolate covered ants! Some of the ants
will be crawling out of the can. I told her that the ants wouldn’t be alive
and __6__ crawl. But she doesn’t __7__!
        I guess Halloween isn’t a time when things really have to
make __8__. But I think my costume is better than hers. Gorillas are just
more __9__ than __10__!

1.      a. mother       b. father       c. aunt         d. sister
2.      a. house        b. dinner       c. bed          d. costume
3.      a. short        b. herself      c. polite       d. quiet
4.      a. listen       b. go           c. scare        d. wash
5.      a. bigger       b. older        c. smaller      d. stranger
6.      a. must         b. slowly       c. couldn’t     d. always
7.      a. crawl        b. bet          c. care         d. behave
8.      a. money        b. time         c. sense        d. pumpkins
9.      a. funny        b. expensive    c. alive        d. exciting
10.     a. ghosts       b. costumes     c. clowns       d. ants


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