RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 7, October 21, 1996

The Internet

        In case there’s __1__ who hasn’t __2__ it yet, it’s worth
__3__: The Internet is __4__ the world. We are at the edge of a new
and exciting frontier that will have an enormous effect on our __5__.
        Until recently, we have had the right to publish our writings,
art, music, anything we create. But few people had the means or the
opportunity. Now anyone can __6__ his or her own World Wide Web
        You don’t have to persuade a publisher to distribute your
work. You don’t have to be __7__ enough to own a newspaper or
magazine. You don’t have to be powerful enough to acquire a radio or
television __8__. For a very small monthly charge, you can have your
own Web site. __9__ who has ideas or talent can make his or her
presentation to the world.
        The door to freedom of expression is no longer a bottleneck,
it’s as wide as the __10__ itself!

1.      a. someone      b. people       c. groups       d. paper
2.      a. allowed      b. forgotten    c. fixed        d. noticed
3.      a. stating      b. losing       c. buying       d. hundreds
4.      a. ruining      b. changing     c. believing    d. cooling
5.      a. food         b. money        c. lives        d. school
6.      a. steal        b. ignore       c. have         d. watch
7.      a. funny        b. nice         c. mean         d. rich
8.      a. set          b. station      c. guide        d. antenna
9.      a. Everyone     b. Nobody       c. None         d. Artist
10.     a. window       b. world        c. magazine     d. cap


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