RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 6, October 14, 1996

        Jim knew he had waited too long to head for home. He loved
to linger in the woods for hours at a time. But now it was getting so
___1___, he could barely see the path under his ___2___.
        He ___3___ his pace, hoping to shorten the ___4___ it
would take to reach the edge of the small ___5___ he lived in. The
streets would be lit; Smithtown had installed ___6___ on every corner.
He also knew that many people ___7___ their porch lights on all night.
        Suddenly, Jim ___8___ a strange sound. Could this be the
terrible creature that some believed ___9___ in these woods?
Hopefully, that creature only existed in the town's residents' ___10___.

1.     a. dark           b. cold           c. cloudy         d. bright
2.     a. bridge         b. thumb          c. feet           d. rug
3.     a. lost           b. found          c. quickened      d. expected
4.     a. day            b. days           c. story          d. time
5.     a. house          b. trailer        c. town           d. room
6.     a. signs          b. cans           c. lights         d. fountains
7.     a. left           b. shut           c. removed        d. replaced
8.     a. saw            b. smelled        c. made           d. heard
9.     a. worked         b. rushed         c. played         d. lived
10.    a. homes          b. forest         c. books          d. imaginations


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