RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 5, October 7, 1996

        There’s something ___1___ with my feet! They don’t help me
run as ___2___ as I must to ___3___ every race. They don’t seem to
understand that I don’t like ___4___.
        I guess I’ll have to figure out a way to make my feet and
___5___ work better. I’ll exercise a lot; I’ll go ___6___ every ___7___.
I’ll make sure I ___8___ the right foods. I will also go to bed ___9___,
because athletes must get enough ___10___.

1.     a. neat              b. great              c. shoes            d. wrong
2.     a. fast              b. faster             c. fastest          d. slowly
3.     a. enter             b. see                c. win              d. have
4.     a. running           b. losing             c. winning          d. illness
5.     a. bike              b. legs               c. ears             d. hands
6.     a. camping           b. crying             c. running          d. away
7.     a. year              b. month              c. week             d. day
8.     a. like              b. eats               c. eat              d. eating
9.     a. quietly           b. late               c. early            d. now
10.    a. practice          b. rest               c. work             d. food


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