RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 2, September 16, 1996


        Take a big truck. Take a comfortable little house. Put them
__1__ and what do you get? A motorhome.
        A motorhome has all the comforts of __2__. A complete
kitchen is standard, with a stove and __3__. Most __4__ motorhomes
come from the factory with a microwave oven too. They have small
dining room tables and seats called dinettes. They have living room
__5__ such as couches, chairs, and a television of course.
        Motorhomes come with complete bathrooms. There’s no need
to look for a rest room along the highway. Time to wash up? No
problem. The well equipped motorhome has a shower; some even have
        When you’re __6__, just pull open the couch, rearrange the
dinette, or walk back to the bedroom. There’s sleeping
accommodations for the whole family.
        You can use a motorhome almost anywhere. They produce
and store their own electricity. They have __7__ to __8__ many gallons
of fresh water and waste water as well.
        When it’s time to go __9__ or to just __10__ in style, nothing
beats a motorhome!

1.   a. close        b. sideways     c. apart        d. together
2.   a. cotton       b. home         c. pillows      d. nails
3.   a. shower       b. toilet       c. camera       d. refrigerator
4.   a. new          b. old          c. broken       d. fast
5.   a. carpets      b. furniture    c. windows      d. curtains
6.   a. cautious     b. serious      c. angry        d. tired
7.   a. cups         b. tanks        c. pails        d. glasses
8.   a. leak         b. watch        c. hold         d. container
9.   a. crying       b. home         c. camping      d. backwards
10.  a. dress        b. design       c. driver       d. travel

1_____2_____3_____4_____5_____6_____7_____8_____ 9_____10_____

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