RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 19, January 27, 1997

Freezing weather still holds sway,
Enduring growing hours of light.
But the cold must fade away
Restoring spring, like day from night.
Until at last the world is warm,
At least next month, at least by then.
Remember through each bitter storm --
You’ll finally see the flowers again.

1.  What do you think the title of this poem is?  ( It’s hidden in the

2.  What time of year do you think the poet prefers? Why?

3.  “Enduring growing hours of light.” What does this line refer to?

4.  “like day from night.” If “day” represents spring, what does “night”

5.  See if you can write a poem with the title or topic spelled out in a
similar manner.

Copyright 1997 RHL