RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 18, January 21, 1997

     January 20, 1997 was a day of historical importance. President
Clinton began his second __1__ as president of the United States.
Since presidents are limited to two terms, it will be his __2__ term.
     At the Inauguration, Clinton spoke about his plans and hopes for the
__3__. He looks forward to a time when all people will live together and
respect one another. He said he wants to make it __4__ for all young
people to get a __5__ education. He hopes that all politicians will work
together for these and other goals.
     Clinton is a Democrat, but the Republicans control the Congress, our
national lawmaking body. The Republicans say that they __6__ with the
president’s call for national unity. They believe that they can work with
the president to __7__ life in America.
     Many Americans are hopeful, __8__ not certain, that their elected
representatives will actually cooperate with each other for the common

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