RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 17, January 13, 1997

A Story Starter:

     Miss Joan was an incredible kindergarten teacher who taught in a
small rural school. She was very dedicated, working long hours to
prepare interesting __1__ for her students. She helped her fellow
teachers, giving them many good __2__ to help them teach better. She
loved her students and they loved her.
     Yes, in many ways she was nearly perfect. However, she did have
two small flaws. First, she would hide __3__ in her desk. This would
have been OK, except it attracted mice and other __4__ guests.
     Her other fault was that she was __5__ afraid of snakes. She
wouldn’t allow anyone in her class to draw pictures of them or even say
the word. Not even when her kids were __6__ about words that start
with the letter S.
     One day these two characteristics came together in a
shocking way. A teacher who taught fourth grade down the hall knew
about Miss Joan’s two weaknesses. He decided to have some fun at
her expense.
     The teacher, Mr. Ell, bought a very __7__ rubber snake at
the Science Store. When Miss Joan was out of the classroom, he hid
the snake in a bag of __8__ that she kept in her desk drawer.

See if you can write the rest of this story.

1.     a. stories           b. meals             c. questions          d. lessons
2.     a. friends           b. papers            c. dreams             d. ideas
3.     a. snacks            b. pens              c. notes              d. magnets
4.     a. invited           b. unwanted          c. paying             d. hotel
5.     a. never             b. slightly          c. extremely          d. once
6.     a. learning          b. laughing          c. caring             d. wishing
7.     a. active            b. talkative         c. musical            d. realistic
8.     a. crayons           b. stickers          c. mints              d. money


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