RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 16, January 6, 1997

The Name

     Crazy King Robert and lovely Queen Cheryl were expecting the birth
of their first child. Amnio, the wizard, __1__ them that it would be a boy.
     “We must pick a __2__ name for our new son,” declared
the queen. “He’ll be the king someday and everyone will speak his
     King Robert knew at once what name he wanted. “Let’s __3__ him
     Queen Cheryl was not amused. “I want our son to have a
__4__ name,” she insisted.
     The King decided to consult his friend, the wise Good
Witch Diana. He was __5__ she would approve of his choice.
     “Trogmire is not a suitable name for a child,” was all that Good Witch
Diana would say.
     King Robert promised to discuss the matter with his wife so that they
could find a __6__ name. He agreed that it should be a name that they
both would like.
     Queen Cheryl was __7__. She was sure that they could agree on a
name that she would have __8__ in the first place.

1.       a. arrived       b. informed       c. approved       d. defended
2.       a. strange       b. long           c. short          d. fine
3.       a. call          b. tell           c. expect         d. allow
4.       a. girl’s        b. funny          c. normal         d. pretend
5.       a. afraid        b. sure           c. speaking       d. laughing
6.       a. silly         b. careful        c. worse          d. proper
7.       a. sorry         b. angry          c. delighted      d. sleepy
8.       a. rejected      b. asked          c. chosen         d. known

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