RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 1, September 9, 1996


        Tennis is my ___1___ sport. Nothing else comes close as a
great competitive activity.
        For one thing, it’s easier to get a ___2___ going than with a
team sport. All you need are ___3___ people, one on each side.
Secondly, you can play for __4___ at many public courts. Sure, you
have to buy a racquet, but a ___5___ one should last for many
___6___. And a can of tennis ___7___ only costs a couple of dollars.
        In addition, if you play tennis, you get a lot of ___8___.
Compare it to a sport like baseball, where players spend most of their
___9___ standing around waiting for something to happen.
        Yes, as far as I’m concerned, tennis is the ___10___ sport in
the world!

1.      funny   easiest old     favorite
2.      game    car     player  ball
3.      one     two     three   four
4.      free    fun     hours   money
5.      wooden  blue    used    good
6.      hours   days    sports  years
7.      courts  balls   corn    racquets
8.      money   fun     sprains exercise
9.      money   help    time    paper
10.     best    worst   same    cheapest

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