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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 4, Number 9, November 2, 1998

A Truly Troll Thanksgiving


Travesty Troll, Trauma Troll, and their two kids, Trendy Troll and Tremor Troll, were planning their Thanksgiving Day feast. Trendy Troll and her younger brother, Tremor, enjoyed the planning almost as much as the eating.

“I think I’ll make a pot of my famous field mouse meatballs,” Travesty announced. “My recipe is for 25 meatballs, but I want to make 50 instead. The recipe says to use two sticks of mole milk butter. I have a dozen sticks, so I have (1)_______ more sticks than I need.”

Tremor Troll turned to his older sister, Trendy. “Are you going to make your specialty, mashed potato eyes? They're so good and crunchy!”

Trendy Troll smiled proudly. “Yes, and I’ll make seven quarts of slug gravy to go with them. I’ll make two quarts of regular gravy and (2)_______ quarts of irregular gravy.”

Trauma Troll was not too much of a cook, but he wanted to make his contribution to the feast. “I shall bake my unbeatable cow bird cake,” he declared.

Travesty Troll looked lovingly at her husband. “Dear, don’t forget to add enough feathers this time,” she said.

“I know,” Trauma replied, “it’s eight feathers for every cup of ragweed flour. My recipe uses four cups of flour, so that means I’ll need (3)_______ cow bird feathers.

“Your cake is so popular, Daddy, you should make two extra cakes this time,” Trendy said. “That means you’ll need (4)_______ feathers altogether.”

“What are you contributing to the meal, little brother?” Trendy asked.

“I’ll go out in the woods and pick some ingredients for a great salad,” Tremor said.

(5) Make up a word problem about Tremor Troll’s salad.


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