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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 4, Number 8, October 26, 1998

Halloween Happenings


1. Ryan collected 43 candy bars on Halloween night. He gave 15 of them to his father, and he gave his mother ten less candy bars than he gave his father. Then Ryan ate four of the candy bars. How many candy bars did he have left?

2. There are 72 ghosts residing in the old haunted house on the hill. There are 8 ghosts in each room. How many rooms are there?

3. Tremor Troll was very upset. He believed Trogmire Troll’s claim that there were 500 humans living under Tremor’s bed. Tremor was relieved when he found that there were really only 150 humans under his bed. Trogmire had said that there were __________ more humans than the correct amount.

4. Chris went to the Halloween party dressed as a spider. He paid ten and a half dollars for his costume. His sister, Laurie, went to the party dressed as a stomach ache. She paid twice as much for her costume as Chris. Their mother paid for both costumes. How much did the costumes cost altogether?


A dozen pumpkins in each row,
Seven rows, and not one more,
Altogether we should know
The pumpkins number _______________.




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