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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 4, Number 5, October 5, 1998

Assorted Problems

1. Ryan was exactly 19 months old on September 20, 1998. On what date was he born?

2. Anna and Kathy compared how much weight they lost in one month. Anna lost 8 pounds. Kathy weighed 140 pounds at the beginning of the month. She lost twice as much weight as Anna. How much did Kathy weigh at the end of the month?

3. It was an exciting finish to the Merchant Days Five Mile Bicycle Race. Carl crossed the finish line first. Ashley and Jimmy tied for second place. Sam was the next racer over the finish line, and Karen finished only a second later than Sam. All the others were far behind.

Who won the first place ribbon?

Who won the second place ribbon?

Who won the third place ribbon? (All the judges were strict mathematicians.)

4. There are 100 years in a century. The year 1901 was the first year of the twentieth century. Name the last year of the twentieth century.

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