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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 4, Number 36, June 14, 1999


The greatest number possible or allowable is often referred to as the “maximum” amount. For example:

The maximum speed limit in New York State is sixty-five miles per hour.

1. The sign at the Old Creek Bridge says, Maximum Weight: 4 Tons. A ton is two thousand pounds. Polly’s new class B motorhome weighs 7,000 pounds. Is it permissible to drive her motorhome over the bridge?

2. Barbara drove her car at the maximum allowable speed on a highway for exactly three hours. She traveled 210 miles in that time. The speed limit was _______ miles per hour.

3. No one who is eleven years old or older is allowed to enter the Kiddy Coloring Contest. What is the maximum age that a contestant may be?

4. Danny has thirty-five cents in his pocket. He has no pennies. What is the maximum number of coins he could have? What is the minimum (least) number of coins he could have?


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