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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 4, Number 35, June 7, 1999


The smallest number possible or allowable is often referred to as “at least” or the “minimum” amount. For example:

You must be at least 16 years old to drive in New York State.

The minimum driving age in New York State is sixteen.


1. David’s doctor told him to drink at least one quart of milk every day. That means that David has been advised to drink a minimum of ____ 8 ounce glasses of milk each day. (One quart equals 32 ounces.)

2. Yesterday, David drank seven 8 ounce glasses of milk. Did he obey his doctor’s orders regarding how much milk to drink?

3. Karen was not allowed to go on the new roller coaster at the local amusement park. She was one inch too short! The minimum height requirement was _____ feet, and she measured 59 inches tall.

4. For a man to have lived in three different centuries, he must have lived for at least _____ years.


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