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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 4, Number 33, May 24, 1999

More Fractions and Probability


1. Cassie says that she’ll give me a dollar if I can guess her birthday. All she’ll tell me is that she was born in November. She’s giving me three guesses. What’s the chance that I’ll win that dollar?

2. What part (fraction) of November is represented by any single day?

3. Melvin Melonmuncher can balance a watermelon on his nose for 40 minutes. What part of an hour is that?

4. Audrey always has a birthday party on her actual birthday in February. If she continues that tradition, what is the chance that her party will be scheduled for a Monday in the year 2001? (Assuming that we can’t find out any other information about Audrey.)

a. one out of four
b. one out of seven
c. one out of twenty-eight
d. four out of seven


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