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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 4, Number 31, May 10, 1999

More Probability Problems


1. Sarah’s uncle is coming for a visit. She hopes he’ll arrive on a weekend day when she’s not in school.
Uncle James could show up any day; you just never know.

What is the chance that Sarah’s uncle will arrive on the weekend?

a. one out of two
b. two out of five
c. two out of seven
d. one out of five

2. Pedro’s big sister is coming home from college. She phoned and said she would definitely be arriving sometime on the weekend. What is the chance that she’ll arrive on Saturday?

a. one out of two
b. two out of five
c. two out of seven
d. one out of five

3. I’m thinking of the name of a day of the week. I’ll give you a clue: There’s a letter u in the name. You get one guess. What’s the chance you’ll guess right? (This assumes you don’t disregard the clue.)

a. one out of seven
b. four out of seven
c. three out of four
d. one out of four

4. Diana’s birthday is in July. My birthday is in July. What is the chance that our birthdays are on the same day?

Hint: If you knew Diana’s birth date, it could not change the answer.

a. two out of thirty-one
b. one out of thirty-one
c. one out of sixty-two
d. two out of twenty-nine




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