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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 4, Number 23, March 8, 1999

That's a Lot of Bread


1. Amy ordered nine baseball hats for her team. The price for any amount from 1 to 9 hats, was $ 8.75 each. The price for 10 or more hats was $ 7.50 each. When Chad found out what she had done he did some calculating and then informed her, “You should have ordered 10 hats. We’d have one extra hat and you would have paid __________ less for the entire order!”


2. Kerry bought a dozen loaves of Italian bread for fifteen dollars. How much did each loaf cost?


3. Tony bought four loaves of the same bread at the same price. He paid with a five dollar bill. How much change did he receive?


4. The next day, the supermarket had a big sale on the loaves of Italian bread. If you bought three loaves, you’d get another two loaves for free. That meant that the real price became ________ for each loaf.



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