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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 4, Number 21, February 22, 1999

Assorted Problems


1. Jason has 1,128 stamps in his album. There are two dozen stamps on each page. How many pages are there?


2. Juanita is reading a book that is 278 pages long. She always reads 15 pages a day, and has already been reading for one whole week. How many more days will it take for her to finish the book?

How many pages will she read on the last day?


3. Samantha has an equilateral (equal sides) triangle. Each side is twelve centimeters long. Carlos has a square that has the same perimeter as Samantha’s triangle. If Carlos measures one side of his square, he’ll find it is _____ centimeters long.


4. Ryan has 425 Beanie Bums. Connor has 212 Beanie Bums. Sue has twice as many Beanie Bums as Connor. Who has the largest collection of Beanie Bums?

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