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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 4, Number 19, February 1, 1999

Valentine Logic

Roxanne gave out 47 valentines. She received 50 valentines.

If a statement is definitely true, put a T in front of it. If it might be true, put an M in front of it. If it is definitely false, put an F in front of it.


1_____ Roxanne received three more valentines than she gave.

2_____ Everyone who received a valentine from Roxanne gave her one as well.

3_____ Roxanne gave a valentine to everyone who gave her one.

4_____ Roxanne gave less valentines than she received.

5_____ Roxanne did not give any valentine to anyone who gave her one.

6_____ Roxanne received a valentine from everyone she gave one to.

7_____ Roxanne did not receive any valentine from anyone she gave one to.


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