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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 4, Number 14, December 14, 1998

More Holiday Happenings

1. Today is December 14. How many days is it until Christmas?

2. Liz filled her 16 ounce glass eight times with egg nog, and drank every drop. There are 32 ounces in a quart and four quarts equal one gallon. How many gallons of egg nog did Liz drink?

3. David is buying his sister, Michelle, a case to hold her CD collection. The case holds 150 CDs. Michelle has 12 dozen (a gross) CDs. Will the case hold her entire collection?

4. Nichole made 144 meatballs for the Christmas party. The weather was so bad that only 12 people were at the party. If everyone ate the same number of meatballs, how many could each person have?

5. Santa left presents for Bill, Kathy, Scott, and Leslie. Those presents totaled 17. Which of the following is possible? (There can be more than one correct choice.)

a. Kathy received only 3 presents from Santa.
b. Scott received exactly 5 presents from Santa.
c. All four people received exactly the same number of presents from Santa.
d. None of the presents were for Leslie.Copyright 1998 RHL

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