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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 4, Number 13, December 7, 1998

Holiday Happenings


1. Santa has 88,947 elves working every day. There are three eight hour shifts working around the clock. The same number of elves work on each shift. How many elves are working on each shift?

2. Johnny has a Christmas tree farm. He planted 3,616 trees in eight equal rows. He’s already sold all the trees in three of the rows. How many trees are left?

3. Randolph, the wet-nosed reindeer, has been practicing flying, just in case he’s asked to help pull Santa’s sleigh. He flies between two cities that are 475 miles apart. He flies four round trips every night. How many miles does he fly in a week?

4. Crystal is baking her famous chocolate reindeer cookies. The recipe for forty cookies calls for two cups of flour. She is making eighty cookies. How many cups of flour will she use?

5. There are 31 days in December. That’s 4 weeks and _____ days.


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