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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 4, Number 12, November 30, 1998

The Christmas Tree


1. Jeffrey has bought a new Christmas tree for his family. The tree is 96 inches tall. The ceilings in Jeffrey’s home are 8 1/2 feet high. Will the tree be too tall?

2. The tree has 340 lights. There are an equal number of red, green, blue, and white bulbs. How many lights are not white?

3. Jeff has seven boxes of icicles. Each box contains 72 icicles. How many icicles does he have?

4. Jeffrey’s sister, Amanda, ordered the tree stand. She had to make three payments of $ 14.95 each. How much did she pay for the stand?

5. Jeffrey and Amanda’s big sister, Megan, is going to put her favorite 17 ornaments on the tree. Jeff is putting the same number of ornaments on the tree as Amanda. Altogether, the three kids are putting 35 ornaments on the tree. How many more ornaments is Megan putting on the tree than Amanda?


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