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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 9, November 3, 1997

Assorted Problems

1. Dennis has built a race car to enter in the Tiger 500. Vehicles must weigh at least 2,575 pounds to qualify for entry. Dennis’s car weighs 2,400 pounds. How much weight must he add to it to meet the minimum weight requirements?

2. Stephen bought four rolls of film to use at his party. Each was a 36 exposure roll. Stephen took 70 pictures at the party. How many rolls did he have to load into his camera to take that many pictures?

3. Stephen still had enough film to take _____ more pictures.

4. Shirley bought a box of crayons that contained 130 crayons. Ten of the crayons were the same color. How many different colors came in the box?

5. Tim has a book that was written 14 years ago. In what year was it written?

6. David ran for class president. Karin was his opponent. Thirty kids voted. Karin got 12 votes and David got the rest. Who won the election?


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