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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 8, October 27, 1997

More Halloween Fun

1. Bette bought 3 small bags of candy pumpkins for a total price of one dollar. Brad bought one large bag of the same candies for one dollar. Each small bag contained 25 candies. The large bag contained 80 candies. Who got the most for the money?

2. Heather went trick-or-treating. She left the house with her father at 6:00 and returned home three hours later. What time did she get home?

3. Travis got 18 candy bars on Halloween night. Danielle got twice as many candy bars as Travis, and four more than Ashley. How many candy bars did Ashley get?

4. Roger assembled fifty bags of goodies to give to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Only 14 kids showed up. How many bags did Roger have left over?

5. A quart equals 32 ounces. Ryan opened a quart of apple cider and drank 12 ounces. How much cider was left in the container?

6. David wants to watch a 90 minute Halloween special on television. The show will begin at 8:00 tonight. He isn't allowed to stay up past 10:00. Will he be able to see the whole show? (There are 60 minutes in an hour.)


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