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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 7, October 20, 1997

Halloween Fun


1. Debbie bought two pumpkins at the supermarket. Together they weighed 23 pounds. The smaller pumpkin weighed 9 pounds. How much did the other pumpkin weigh?

2. Dan is having a Halloween party next week. He expects to have 12 guests plus himself. He wants to have three cookies for everyone at the party. Each bag has 20 cookies. How many bags does he have to buy?

3. Samantha is writing invitations to her party. She has two dozen invitation cards. (One dozen = 12.) She is inviting 28 people. She needs to buy or make _____ more cards.

4. There are 967 bats living in Wendy’s attic. If another 243 bats move in with them, how many bats will be living in her attic?

5. The teacher brought 64 apples to school. He wanted to give three apples to each of his 21 students. Did he have enough apples? If so, how many were left over? If not, how many more did he need?

6. Robert wants to buy a monkey costume that will cost $ 18.99. He has ten dollars. How much more money does he still need to afford the costume?


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