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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 32, May 18, 1998

Assorted Problems

1. Ryan bought seven boxes of baseball cards for $ 3.98 each. He sold them all for a total of $ 38.36. How much profit did he make on each box?


2. Beverly read a 410 page book in 5 days. She read an average of ________ pages each day.


3. Jane is reading the same book that Beverly read. She has already read exactly 80% of the pages. She has to read ________ more pages to finish the book.


4. Kerri has 4 cats. Nina has twice as many cats as Kerri. Marie has 50% as many cats as Kerri and Nina have together. How many cats does Marie have?


5. Travis bought a tennis racquet for $ 50.00. He paid 8% sales tax on top of the price. He paid with a one hundred dollar bill. How much change did he receive?


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