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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 26, March 23, 1998


1. Joan and Jean want to buy 50 shares of Crazy Corporation stock. The price per share is 27 3/4 ($`27.75). They can buy the stock without paying any commission (charge for buying or selling). Joan is contributing $ 728.50 to the purchase and Jean is paying the rest. How much is Jean paying for her share of the stock?

2. Mrs. Plant gave her class a spelling test with 40 words. Charles didn't study and he only got a score of 50%. Mrs. Plant was annoyed. She said, “Charles, I want you to write each misspelled word correctly. And write each one of them twenty-five times!”
. . Charles was much better at math than at spelling. He immediately knew that he would have to write __________ words altogether.

3. There are eight kids in the Super Math Club. Their average age is nine. Everyone in the club is ten years old except for Ryan. How old is Ryan?

4. Diane washed dishes for her neighbor. She worked for 2 hours and earned $ 9.00. It took her 3 hours to wash and wax her uncle's car and she got $ 20.00 for that. Then she baby-sat for 5 hours and was paid $ 2.50 an hour. What was her average hourly wage for all the work?


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