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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 24, March 9, 1998



1. I am a number. If you take half the amount of days in April, multiply that times the number of minutes in two hours, and round the product off to the nearest thousand, you'll know what I am. I am _______________.


2. I am a continent. There are exactly twice as many letters in my name as there are letters in the name of our planet. I am _________________________.


3. I am a number. I am an odd number. I am less than 6 X 8. I am greater than 9 X 5. I am __________.


4. I am a number. If you round off the number of hours in a week to the nearest 10, you'll get my value. I am __________.


5. I am a U.S. state. My name begins with an A. The number of letters in my name is the same as the average number of letters in all the states whose names begin with A. The eighteenth letter of the alphabet is in my name. I am _______________.


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