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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 23, March2, 1998



1. I'm a month of the year. I have 25% of ten dozen days. If you know how many quarts equal a gallon, you know how many letters are in my name. I am _______________.


2. We are two days of the week. We both have the same number of letters in our names and we are the only days with that number of letters. We are ________________ and ________________.


3. I am a day of the week. The fifth letter of the alphabet is in my name. The twenty-third letter of the alphabet is not in my name. I am ________________.


4. I am a month. You can divide my number of days by a whole number and get the number of letters in my name. I am ________________.


5. I am a planet in our solar system. If I didn't exist, the average number of letters in the names of the planets would be six. I am ________________.

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