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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 22, February 23, 1998

Assorted Problems


1. Sally received a shipment of 67 bottles of fruit punch. She poured them all into a giant bowl for her party. There were 3,216 ounces of punch in the bowl. How many ounces of punch had been in each bottle?


2. Troy owns 25 shares of Monaco Coach Corporation stock. They are worth $ 950.00. How much is each share worth?


3. One pound equals 16 ounces. If Jim weighs 144 pounds, he weighs _____ ounces.


4. There are 96 rats living under Jesse's kitchen sink. If he gets rid of 50% of them, how many will still be there? (Remember, 50% = 1/2.)


5. Frank bought a 10 pound apple pie. He divided it into 12 equal pieces and then ate 100% of the pie. How many pieces were left uneaten?



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