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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 21, February 9, 1998

Assorted Problems


1. Megan is baking a dozen cherry pies. She's using four dozen cherries in each pie. How many cherries is she using?


2. Crystal will bake half a dozen cherry pies. She'll use 318 cherries. On average, Crystal will use _____ more cherries per pie than Megan.


3. The sign on an elevator says, "Maximum Capacity: 1,800 lb." What is the largest number of people, having an average weight of 90 pounds each, that could use the elevator at the same time?


4. Chris bought three computer games at the mall. They were priced at $ 45.00 each. Chris paid for them with quarters. How many quarters did he spend?


5. Amanda's allowance is ten dollars a week. She received her latest payment yesterday. How much allowance money will she get in the next 60 days?


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