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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 20, February 2, 1998

Assorted Problems

1. The Village Market charges $ .85 for a can of Ocean Best tuna. Great-Mart advertises the same brand for $ .90 with 20% (1/5) off that price. Which store has the better price, and how much less is it per can?

2. Katey, Jeff, and Tina are racing from the end of their driveway to their house. They're running separately and checking their times with a stopwatch. Each runner gets to run four times and they ignore the slowest time. The top three times are averaged to determine the time it takes to run the course.
Their times in seconds were:

Katey: 31, 27, 32, 35
Jeff: 36, 26, 26, 29
Tina: 22, 32, 24, 29

Katey's final score was 30 seconds.
Jeff's final score was _____ seconds.
Tina's final score was _____ seconds.

Since the object was to run the course in the least time, __________ was the winner.

3. Sam is buying frozen chicken fingers. They come in five pound bags. Each bag costs __$ 16.99. Sam needs to buy 15 pounds of chicken fingers. How much will he pay?

4. How many days are in six weeks of winter?

How many hours is that?

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