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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 2, September 15, 1997

Choose What to Use - Money

Use only the information that is relevant in each problem to figure out your answer. Don’t be distracted by information that is not needed to calculate the answer.


1. Evan had 3 model airplanes. He sold 2 of them for $ 12.00 each. How much money did he get for the models?

2. Michelle left home with $ 45.75. She went to the mall, bought a few things, and left with $ 32.50. Then she went to the pharmacy and bought a bottle of shampoo for two dollars. She went home and gave her sister $ 7.25. How much money did Michelle spend at the mall?

3. Judy has four quarters, two dimes, and six nickels in her piggy bank. It’s a ceramic bank that she bought at a lawn sale for a quarter. How much money are the quarters in her bank worth?

4. Dean brought ten and a half dollars on the field trip. John brought eight dollars. Janice brought $ 9.25. How much more money did Dean bring than Janice?

5. Glen has $ 16.82 altogether. He wants to buy a Smasho tennis racquet that costs $ 25.99 or a Vibrahurt racquet that costs $ 7.88. How much more money does he still need if he decides to buy the Smasho racquet?

6. Gregory has nine dimes in his pocket. Cheryl has sixteen nickels in her pocket. Melody has 75 pennies in her pocket. Which girl has the most money in her pocket?

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