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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 17, January 12, 1998

Multiply or Divide

1. Ruth eats the same number of peaches every day. She has eaten 120 peaches in the last 30 days. How many peaches does she eat each day?

2. David eats 4 tuna sandwiches every day. How many tuna sandwiches will he eat in 30 days?

3. Tara bought 5 notebooks for $ 1.78 each. What was the total price?

4. Seth also bought 5 notebooks and paid $ 8.90 altogether. How much did each notebook cost?

5. If a store is selling sweatshirts at a price of 3 for $ 20.82. How much does each sweatshirt cost?

6. One quart equals 32 ounces. One gallon equals 4 quarts. One gallon equals ______ ounces.

7. To find out what one half ( 1/2 ) of a number is, divide it by 2. A pint is half a quart. One pint = _____ ounces.

8. To find out what one third ( 1/3 ) of a number is, divide it by 3. To find out what one tenth ( 1/10 ) of a number is, divide it by 10. What do you think you would do to find out what one fourth of a number is?

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