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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 16, January 5, 1998

Multiply or Divide

1. Nora runs three miles a day on her treadmill. She runs every day of the week except Sunday. How many miles does Nora run each week?

2. Nora runs six days a week. She runs the same distance each time. She runs eighteen miles each week. How many miles does Nora run in one day?

3. There are 4 rows of students in Franklin's class. Five students sit in each row. How many students are in Franklin's class?

4. There are 20 students in Lauren's class. The desks are set up in rows, with 5 students in each row. How many rows are there?

5. Marni reads 3 books each week. How many weeks will it take her to read 27 books?

6. Scott has just finished making ____ groups of snowballs. There are 56 snowballs in all. There are 7 snowballs in each group.

7. Danielle and Chris are making a snow fort. They want to build four equally sized walls, each wall having 175 blocks of snow. How many blocks of snow must they use to build the walls?

8. Amanda has 45 bags of marbles. Each bag contains the same number of marbles. Amanda has 12,600 marbles altogether. What must one do to figure out how many marbles are in each bag?

a. Add 12,600 and 45.
b. Subtract 45 from 12,600.
c. Multiply 45 times 12,600.
d. Divide 12,600 by 45.

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