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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 15, December 15, 1997


1. Sarah bought five 14 oz. boxes of Waxo Cream Chocolates for $ 4.48 each. Craig bought three more boxes than Sarah, at the same price per box. How much more did Craig spend on the chocolates than Sarah? (It's possible to figure out the answer without knowing how much either person spent altogether.)

2. Fifty percent ( 50% ) means one half ( 1/2 ). Jeff bought a shirt that usually sells for ten dollars. He paid only 50% of the regular price. How much did he pay?

3. Kathy Anne is going to buy the new Prettier than Thou Doll for her daughter. The price is $ 39.98. She has a coupon that will save her ten dollars off that price. How much will the doll cost?

4. Richard bought 4 boxes of gold ornaments. There were 18 ornaments in each box. Robyn bought 6 boxes of the same kind of ornaments, but there were only 12 ornaments in each box. Who bought more ornaments, Richard or Robyn?

5. A box of candy canes costs $ 1.49 at Pay Mart. Ashley bought four boxes. Josh bought twice as many boxes as Ashley. How much did all the candy canes that Josh bought cost?

6. John bought a five pound wheel of cheese for his party. The cheese cost $ 2.75 a pound. How much did he pay for the cheese?

7. Laura asked Santa for a new bank. Santa gave her a bank that already had seven quarters and five dimes in it. How much money was in the bank?

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