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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 14, December 8, 1997

Christmas Time

1. There are eight Christmas trees in the lobby of the Cheryl Hotel. Each tree has seven dozen lights. How many lights is that in all?

2. Travis has five ten dollar bills to spend on his holiday shopping trip. He's going to buy Super Snooper flashlights for everyone on his gift list. Each flashlight costs $ 6.98. How many flashlights can he buy?

3. We measured 4 inches of snow on the ground last night. If another foot of snow fell overnight, how many inches of snow would we expect to find in the morning?

4. Redfield had seven feet of snow last night! How many inches is that?

5. Silent Night was written in December, 1818. How many years ago was that?

6. David put 14 ornaments on the tree. Stephen and Dennis put 10 ornaments on altogether. Iaen put 8 fewer ornaments on the tree than David, exactly twice as many as Dennis. How many ornaments did Stephen put on the tree?

7. Tim and Shirley put 18 ornaments on the tree altogether. Tim put twice as many ornaments on the tree as Shirley. How many ornaments did Shirley put on the tree?

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