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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 13, December 1, 1997

December Holidays

1. Tony bought four dozen ornaments for the Christmas tree. Four of them were broken in the boxes. Jamie gave him six more ornaments. Tony felt that he really needed twice as many ornaments as he had to decorate the tree properly. How many ornaments did he want to put on the tree?

2. Pam is baking 275 cookies for her Hanukkah party. She estimates that she'll need about seven chocolate chips in each cookie. About how many chocolate chips will she need?

3. Erin bought nine Christmas cards at the mall. Each card cost $ 3.49. How much did all the cards cost?

4. Jerry feeds the birds sunflower seeds every winter. He wants to buy 50 pounds of seeds today. Herman's Hardware is selling 25 lb. bags for $ 12.00. Sam's Supermarket sells 10 lb. bags for $ 4.75 each. Sue's Pet Shop sells 5 lb. bags for $ 3.00 each. Where can Jerry get the best price?

5. The meteorologist says that the low temperature tonight will be eight degrees below zero. She says that tomorrow's high will only be ten degrees warmer than that. What is the predicted high temperature?

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