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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 12, November 24, 1997

Thanksgiving Day Problems

1. Marsha is having Thanksgiving dinner at her house this year. There will be 14 people eating dinner. Marsha figures that the turkey should weigh at least 2 pounds for each person. Will a 24 lb. turkey meet that requirement?

2. There are five turkeys hiding behind the boulder. There are seven geese and four cows hiding there also. How many birds are hiding behind the boulder?

3. Sam is baking cakes for Thanksgiving dinner. He needs 3 eggs for each cake. He has half a dozen eggs. How many cakes can he bake without getting more eggs?

4. Robert wants to buy a new television for watching the Thanksgiving Day football games with his family and guests. He can buy a 36 inch set for $ 849.95 or a 31 inch set for six hundred dollars. He’s wondering if it’s worth spending an extra ____________ for the larger screen.

5. Robert has decided to buy the larger set. He has two hundred dollars in his checking account. He has half as much money in his savings account as in his checking account. He plans to take the money from both accounts and charge the rest. How much will he have to charge?


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