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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 3, Number 1, September 8, 1997

Choose What to Use

Use only the information that is relevant in each problem to figure out your answer. Don’t be distracted by information that is not needed to calculate the answer.

1. Ryan has 6 tennis balls, 2 wooden tennis racquets, 1 graphite tennis racquet, and 3 pairs of tennis shoes. How many tennis racquets does Ryan have?

2. Katey lives 8 miles from her grandparents. She lives 5 miles from school. She passes the school when she rides her bike to visit her grandparents. If she rides her bike to her grandparents and then back home, how many miles will she travel?


3. There were 12 robins and 4 crows in a tree. Two more crows landed in the tree and 5 robins flew away. How many crows were in the tree?


4. Laura is 10 years old. Sam is 13 years old and his brother will be 9 years old in 4 more days. Sam is _____ years older than Laura.


5. Danielle had 15 dollars. Nikole had 47 dollars until she gave Danielle 10 dollars. Then Nikole had _____ dollars.


6. There are 14 cars and 9 trucks in the parking lot outside of Roderick’s apartment. Six of the cars are blue, 4 are white, 1 is green, and the rest are red. Five of the trucks are black, 2 are red, and the rest are blue. How many red cars are in the parking lot?


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