RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 2, Number 9, April 21, 1997

Assorted Problems


1. Diane had twelve dollars in her bank account. She put another $
14.75 into the account. She wanted to have $ 35.99 to buy a nature
book. How much money did she still need to save to purchase the

2. David was taking a science course in school. He got these scores on
all the tests given in the course: 95, 80, 100, 90, 100, and 75. What
was his average score?

3. Which is greater, 1/3 of 21 or 1/2 of 14?

4. Samantha bought 8 notebooks. Each one cost $ 1.62. How much
did she pay?

5. Josh weighs 53 pounds. His sister, Ashley, is 3 pounds heavier than
Josh. Their dog weighs twice as much as Ashley. How much does their
dog weigh?

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